Importing from India is becoming more important as the Indian economy continues to gather momentum and India will become a dominate trading partner with Australia in the 21st Century. So for many importers, importing from India is a new and in many ways an exciting challenge. ILW Australia specialises in arranging shipping from India and is able to provide tried and proven solutions to this market.

Importing from India is not enormously different to importing from China as both are emerging economies and both have their own special requirements.

Importing from India – Customs rules and regulations

If you have purchased items from India that you are intending to sell you MUST employ the services of a licensed customs broker who has a digital certificate and direct communication to Customs electronically through the Customs Interactive System. (ICS interface).  This is a directive of the Australian Customs Service and must be followed by all customs brokers.

  • Australian regulations prohibit the importation of some items into Australia & certain documents are required to be completed for customs & quarantine clearance for each shipment. The variety and range of products Australian businesses import from India require knowledge and understanding to process effectively. ILW Australia has the knowledge of which documents are needed for importing all types of products from India they also have online immediate access to the digital certification system of Australian Customs.  ILW Australia will access the Australian customs system electronically to provide you with specific information about the products you are wanting to import.

Importing from India – Our Guarantee

If you have any doubts about any or all of the items you are wanting to import from India, contact us and we can guide you. We guarantee that you can rest assured that all information & documentation provided to us is 100% confidential. WE GUARANTEE IT

  • We have agents in all ports of India therefore regardless of where in India your manufacturer is located we have the resources to make direct contact with your supplier to co-ordinate the movement of your order from their door to your door, whether it be airfreight or Full container’s to part container loads for sea freight movements.

Indian customs require export customs clearance to be completed prior to products leaving India and not all suppliers have a licence to do this, our offices have the resources to complete this export licence on behalf of your supplier. We will obtain the necessary documents for a safe arrival of your product and complete the import customs & quarantine clearance here in Australia.

List of some documents required for importing from India, but not for all shipments, contact us and we can guide you with the documents that are required for your particular product.

  • Copy of your purchase order.
  • Bill of lading
  • Commercial invoice.
  • Packing list.
  • Packing declaration.
  • Certificate of origin.
  • ORIGINAL - Fumigation certificate from an Australian approved fumigation facility in India.
  • Brand new & unused manufacturers declaration.

So no matter what goods you are importing from India, ILW Australia has your freight forwarding and custom clearance covered from your supplies door to your door.

We will have your products on board a ship or flight 12 days from the date your supplier has your order ready or your shipping & freight cost are 100% FREE of charge.

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