Shipping Australia Limited has reported that shipping companies are continuing to be targeted in fake website scams. They warn to be careful that you are dealing with the genuine company website and not one set up by the scammers. The use of a good freight forwading agent to one way to ensure that you know that you are dealing with the “Real McCoy” company.
company The scam as they report seeks payment for used or second hand goods that have been sourced from suppliers overseas and which are advertised thorough advertisements in local papers or websites offering such goods for sale. The advertisements advise the purchaser that the goods will be shipped through well-known shipping companies and forwards the purchaser to a website purporting to be that of the reputable shipping company for payment of the freight. On the face of it a relatively normal request. The scammers have almost duplicated the real websites so the purchaser has little or no reason to question the payment for shipping. Many of the items offered for sale can include commercial machinery, vehciles etc. and losses over $10K have been reported.
So please beware and be careful and remember “if it looks to good to be true, it probably is”. Any reason to doubt the authenticity of any website please call Carmen on 03 9333 6820 to discuss.

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