In National Safety and Environment Week one of the things they focussed on was deaths by smoking cigarettes. Statistics for deaths of Australians caused by diseases related to smoking exceed 19,000 annually.


The consequences of smoking cigarettes are well known and include, but are not ,limited to emphysema, lung cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Possibly one of the worst side effects of smoking is passive smoking which recent legislation has sought to address especially in pubs, restaurants and indoor work places. Tobacco is a totally addictive drug and once a person starts it can very difficult to stop. However, the benefits of quitting are both health of financially quantifiable, with a financial saving to the average smoker of $8,000 per year. Health and fitness changes can occur rapidly after ceasing smoking and longer the time period the less likely the chance of developing lung or other types of cancer.

Often people start smoking for the wrong reason, be it peer pressure or the belief that it is fashionable or cool! Once the addiction to nicotine is set it is difficult to break and there are still 21% of the adult population that are active smokers. Regrettable the people who suffer most from the


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