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1I have purchased products from overseas on FOB terms- what does this mean?
You will need to arrange the sea or air freight from the country you purchased the items from as well as the Australian Customs & Quarantine clearance into the Australian port closest to you.
We can do this for you hassle free, all we need is your supplier’s contact details.
2I am not sure if the supplier I am purchasing my products from are a legit company at origin. Is there any way I can find out this information?
We can have someone from our office in that country contact and speak with your supplier directly and obtain as much information as possible for you.
3The supplier I have purchased my items from have told me that sea/air freight is included in the price of the product, will the items turn up at my door ?
NO !! Freight costs which are included in the cost of the item’s you have purchased (CIF ) terms means “FREIGHT only has been paid on your behalf” – you will still need to have your items Customs & Quarantine cleared before you can take possession of your product / item in Australia. You can provide ILW with your supplier’s contact details adn we will take care of this for you – including putting together all documents required for this process and we will provide you with detailed status of your products at all stages.
4Can I do my own Customs & Quarantine clearance for my items ?
No, Australian Customs & Quarantine require a licensed Customs agent to process the import of your products through the Customs electronic system.
5If I get Integrity Logistics & Warehousing to do everything for me, what information do you need from me?
If your supplier says your items are ready for export, we can have your items / products on board a ship or flight within 7 days. We will be able to give you an approximate delivery date of your item to your door. We will put your items / products on a ship or flight, obtain all the documents from your supplier and have the Customs / Quarantine clearance completed prior to your goods arriving into the country. We will also keep you updated with exact status and whereabouts of your products at all times.
6My supplier told me my products are already on the way and I am not not sure what to do! Are you able to find out where my items are for me ?
Yes we can. If you can provide ILW with any sort of documents you may already have from your supplier and your supplier’s contact details, we will find out where your items are and when they are expected to arrive into Australia. We will take care of all the Customs / Quarantine Clearance for you and will keep you updated of progress and when you are expected to receive your items.

Send your suppliers contact details to us and we will make direct contact with them handle everything for you. You don’t need to do a thing. Email us

We will have your products on board a ship or flight 12 days from the date your supplier has your order ready or your shipping & freight cost are 100% FREE of charge.

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